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Peak Performance Refrigeration, Inc. Glycol Heating Systems

We offer different models of Glycol Heating Systems to fit your needs from portable to stationary. All standard portable glycol heating units can be wired to plug into a 30 amp 3-phase service and are 30" wide to fit through any doorway. We feature low-level cutout with temperature/pressure relief valves and an additional relief to prevent over pressurization of wine tank jackets. This also solves the problem with open top glycol heaters overflowing or you having to pump the glycol out of the heating reservoir, back into the cooling side to prevent overflowing the heating reservoir.

Each unit contains its own by pass allowing the reservoir to stay warm even when the wine tank reaches temperature and turns off. We have a 2 Hp pump allowing you to heat several tanks at one time. Our 240-volt 3-phase model features 9 kw of heat. While our 480-volt 3 phase offers 18 kw of heat. Both of these units may be increased to double the kw of heat if desired.

Our stationary glycol-heating units re-circulate heat from your boiler to a heat exchanger and back to the boiler so you have no water usage at all. We then pump the heated glycol to your wine tanks, barrel rooms or both if required. The second portable Glycol Heater pictured features the optional 6-tank connections.

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